Green Storage; the self storage trailblazers lead the way in automation – powered by Nokē

Green Storage is a phenomenal success story that no doubt will go down in self storage history. The company opened their very first facility in Västberga, Stockholm in 2019 and now operates more than 40 facilities across Sweden. Their story is one of great entrepreneurship, a strong vision, and a firm belief that technology is the future and ultimately what customers want.

From day one, the Green Storage management team including Stefan Nilsson and Mats Steijner made a decision to invest in the latest access control and business management systems. They partnered with the world’s largest self storage manufacturer; Janus International not only for the supply and installation of unit doors and partitions but also the Nokē Smart Entry technology.

Green Storage runs a digital business model where customers book and pay for their storage unit online and then go to a facility to check in to their unit using a digital key in the Nokē Smart Entry app. Their stores are remotely managed and there is a customer support centre with staff available to travel to sites should there be a request. This automated model enables Green Storage to carefully manage their operational efficiency. The concept has proved immensely popular with customers and Green Storage, as a result, pursued a very successful strategy of solid organic growth.

In 2021 both Green Storage and Sweden’s then second-largest operator 24Storage were acquired by Nuveen Real Estate, adding 28 stores to an expanding portfolio. The following year, Stefan Nilsson was appointed Managing Director of this new joint entity. During spring 2023, all 24Storage sites are being rebranded to Green Storage and retrofitted with the Nokē Smart Entry System.

Green Storage is now the world’s largest Nokē operator with 42 sites and in excess of 21,000 units featuring the advanced digital lock and business management system. This includes the newly acquired Smart Self Storage facility that also features Nokē. The company is one of the leading self storage operators in the Nordics and Europe’s only fully digitalised chain.

This is most likely only the beginning of the Green Storage success story. By retrofitting Nokē Smart Entry to the 24Storage facilities the company has managed to future proof its operations. They now plan to continue to utilise their combined platforms and technology to realise further efficiencies and fast-track their growth ambitions across the Nordics. Watch this space.

Colin Jeromson, Managing Director, Janus International Europe said: “Janus is proud to have been a Green Storage partner since the very beginning. This is a company that has perfected the automated self storage model by deploying the Nokē Smart Entry System to its full potential. In doing so, Green Storage manages to both delight customers and drive significant business efficiencies.”

Stefan Nilsson, Managing Director, Green Storage commented: “Green Storage opted for the Nokē Smart Entry System as it provides benefits such as remote site management and contactless move-ins. When 24Storage was added to the portfolio, we decided to retrofit all unit doors with Nokē to be able to operate on the same automated future-proof platform as Green Storage. The business will now continue to expand and grow – in a smart way.”

Green Storage is Europe’s first fully digitalised self storage company where the entire customer journey takes place via digital channels.

Check out the video below to hear what Managing Director Stefan Nilsson and Operations Director Mats Steijner have to say about the Nokē Smart Entry System and their recent retrofit project with Janus.

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