Janus Europe secures Zero Waste to Landfill Certificate

We are truly delighted to announce that Janus has just been awarded a Zero Waste to Landfill Certificate!


In summary, Janus has:
• Evidenced duty of care and a robust audit trail for end-of-life materials
• Proved that zero non-hazardous waste ends up in landfill
• Achieved 99.59% diversion from Landfill waste practices
• Set goals for continued movement up the waste hierarchy
• Implemented packaging reuse data policy
• Committed to annual verification and continuous improvement goals


This is a significant step for the business in its sustainability roadmap development, creating circularity in resource use and limiting the business impact on the environment.


Janus is committed to managing ESG factors throughout our organization and pledges to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. We are excited to continue our ESG journey to identify opportunities for sustainable growth in partnership with our customers.


Learn more about our ESG commitment here.

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