Janus Sponsors Guinness World Record Holder

We’re really excited to be sponsoring Jonny Davies, Maintenance Engineer at Janus Europe and an accomplished motorcycle stunt rider.

Jonny is based in County Durham and the current British and Scottish Stunt Champion. He is also the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest motorcycle handlebar wheelie at 109mph.

Jonny’s parents, both motorcycle enthusiasts, would regularly attend motorsport events with him at a young age. Jonny would watch in awe, as stunt riders performed in live display shows, before returning home and attempting to recreate the daring stunts on his own bike.

Jonny’s professional career began in 2015 and after only one year of training, Jonny entered his first competition and was placed 10th in Britain. Several motorcycle events were unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic, but this summer Jonny will be on the road again.

Jonny Davies said: “I’m looking forward to some exciting events over the next year and appreciate the support from Janus!”

To learn more about Jonny Davies and future events, go to: https://www.jdstunts.com

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