Janus International’s Paul Shepherd Discusses Access Control Technology

This week our very own Paul Shepherd, Nokē Account Manager, features on the UK’s first self storage podcast; ‘Hacking Self Storage’ – hosted by Dean Booty.

Dean is the owner and founder of Stor More Self Storage and a valued customer of the Janus Group.

In the interview Paul and Dean discuss how facility automation is transforming the self storage industry. They talk about the many features and benefits that access control technology offers operators as well as tenants today and in the future. The interview specifically covers digital key solution Nokē and how this system provides numerous advantages in terms of tenant convenience, remote site management and facility security.

The Nokē Smart Entry System, by Janus International, is an award-winning digital key management solution that allows tenants entry to a self storage facility using only a smart phone.

Check out the podcast episode here.

Learn about Nokē Smart Entry or to find out more about the Janus International range of self storage and access control solutions, please get in touch on: sales@januseurope.com or +44 (0) 20 8744 9444.


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