Q&A with Andy Wood, Co-Founder at SureStore

Andy Wood spoke to the Janus team about the SureStore group, the state of the UK self storage market and what the tenants of the future will expect from operators.

How would you describe SureStore?

SureStore is leading the development of brand-new multi-purpose 5th generation self storage facilities in the UK. We are building to cater for the self storage customers of the future with technology and the environment playing a huge part in our designs. Janus is our preferred choice of supplier for partitioning systems, doors and latches.

How long have you been working with Janus and would you recommend the products/solutions?

I have used Janus products for SureStore and on many other previous projects in the UK and Europe for over two decades. The products are good quality, reliable, straight forward to install and use. The Janus team are always a pleasure work with, their deliveries on schedule and they provide an exceptional service.

What is your view on the state of the UK self storage market?

The UK self storage market is buoyant and will continue to grow. Domestic custom has increased with the post lockdown housing market surge. On the commercial side, we will see further demand from e-commerce and start-up companies who need flexible business space and last mile warehousing with co-working and offices in the same location.

About Andy Wood

Andy is a leader at the forefront of European self storage development. Having co-founded, built, operated, developed and sold multiple award winning self storage assets, he brings a unique wealth of experience to Flexiss in both innovative self storage construction and next level operation.

He has also developed, operated and sold other retail and online brands.

Locations: The Midlands and North West England
Website: surestore.co.uk

To find out more about the Janus International range of self storage and access control solutions, please get in touch on: sales@januseurope.com or +44 (0) 20 8744 9444.


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