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Janus Europe and Big Yellow share a strong commitment to sustainability and are working together to pave the way to carbon-neutral facilities.

The Challenge

As the true extent of the global climate crisis becomes evident, environmental sustainability sits firmly at the top of the political agenda. The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is a key objective and research shows that buildings are directly responsible for approximately one quarter of carbon emitted by the UK.

A cross-industry steering group, representing stakeholders across the built environment, including the Self Storage Association UK, have joined together to develop a unified standard for verifying buildings as net zero carbon. Organisations such as British Standards, the Construction Leadership Council, BBP, BRE, the Carbon Trust, IBSE, RIBA, RICS, and UKGBC are championing this accreditation.

Investors will likely insist that the next generation of self storage assets meets the challenge of delivering net zero carbon targets. Therefore, self storage operators that engage with sustainable development goals and commit to building eco-friendly facilities will likely benefit from both an ESG compliance and longer-term financial perspective.

Big Yellow Self Storage (“Big Yellow”) is the most recognised self storage brand in the UK and has published ambitious external commitments, including for the embodied emissions in its buildings. See the latest strategy document here. Big Yellow increasingly looks to its suppliers to deliver lower or zero carbon products. Janus International Europe Ltd’s (“Janus Europe”) products represent a significant portion of Big Yellow’s construction spend, and we see each other as real partners on this carbon reduction journey.

The Actions

Janus Europe, a leading supplier of self storage solutions, is striving to build a socially and environmentally responsible business. They also aim to provide support and advice to customers to enable them to be as sustainable as possible.

Janus Europe is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and impact on the environment by utilising sustainable manufacturing processes, supporting local biodiversity initiatives, and aiming for 100% recyclability. In 2021, Janus Europe appointed an environmental consultancy that developed an ESG roadmap for the organisation. To implement this, Janus Europe’s UK-based production site has a specialist Environmental & Compliance Manager who is responsible for local ESG policies and initiatives.

Janus Europe’s business management system is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management standards. Raw materials originate from companies that adhere to strict ESG guidelines and timber suppliers meet the UK Forestry Commission standards (FSC, PEFC) and international standard for wood packaging, ISPM 15 ensuring all bespoke timber packaging is manufactured from heat-treated timber and stamped with the business ISPM15 mark, FC1159.

Additionally, Janus Europe participates in the Swedish eBVD Construction Product Declaration and is in the process of joining the CoClass scheme. These frameworks provide transparent information on their range, enabling customers to view the sustainability credentials of many products ‘from cradle to end of life’.

Furthermore, Janus Europe has certain measures in place that aim to reduce steel wastage. It has streamlined the range of products it manufactures and carefully tracks the volume of scrap that is generated during production. Typically, products are virtually 100% recyclable. Further, the production site in County Durham runs schemes to donate steel as well as cardboard and timber waste to local charities, including an animal shelter.

In addition, Janus Europe’s product range includes GreenCoat Pural BT by SSAB, a ground-breaking Nordic quality steel product that features a bio-based technology coating with a substantial portion of the traditional fossil oil replaced by organic rapeseed oil. This patented solution reduces the environmental footprint, is fully recyclable, and stands at the forefront of sustainable solutions in the industry.

SSAB is also a member of the joint venture HYBRIT project, which aims to revolutionise the steel industry with fossil-free steel by 2026. The result will be unique: the world’s first fossil-free steel making technology, with virtually no carbon footprint. The by-product from the steel making process will be water, instead of carbon dioxide.

The Outcome

Big Yellow partnered with a supplier who truly understands the global challenge and is committed to playing their part in providing lower carbon product – helping companies like Big Yellow deliver on their Scope 3 Commitments. Janus Europe has the confidence to continue investing in lower carbon products such as GreenCoat, as Janus Europe’s customer base welcomes the research and development that goes into longer term sustainable products.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Janus Europe, one of our most trusted suppliers, in delivering on our sustainability promises.”
Nigel Hartley, Construction Director, Big Yellow Group PLC

“Janus Europe is thrilled to continue the successful cooperation with Big Yellow Group to drive self storage innovation while also leading the way in environmental sustainability.”
Colin Jeromson, Managing Director, Janus International Europe Ltd

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