There are still many no and low-tech facilities out there today – we’ve all seen them. Just about every destination you travel to, you can point these out along the way. Low-tech facilities typically have several consistent factors among them. From the outside looking in, they’re often outdated, unsafe, not user-friendly and have minimal (if any) site security. If you look even further, they probably have outdated websites and manual/lengthy onboarding processes too.

A high-tech facility on the other hand is all about creating the best customer experience for the tenant. This means enhanced site security, safety, and convenience, all while streamlining operations.

Here are the 8 top-tips for converting to a high-tech self storage facility.

  1. Step up your signage
    Old signage is no longer cutting it, and you need more than a sign board with your phone number. There are several tips and tricks out there in regards to your signage. For example, they should be memorable, informative, and maybe even electronic depending on what they’re used for.

  2. Invest in your website
    The majority of people accessing your website will be on their mobile phones, so make sure your website is mobile responsive. It’s also important for your website to generate and track leads. Tenants should be able to engage, find important, up-to-date information, and complete tasks such as online rentals or payments.

  3. Automate the onboarding process
    People want an automated, contactless experience for just about everything these days – and self storage is no exception. By automating the onboarding process, tenants can rent a unit from your facility online, at any time of the day while gaining immediate access to the property and unit. This means once long and mundane processes are now automatic, quick, and easy.

  4. Get a mobile app for your tenants
    A mobile app for your tenants is beneficial for so many reasons. First, it allows them to forget the keys and codes by having a digital key on their mobile phone at all times. If they need to share access with a friend or family member, they can do that right from their phone without scheduling time or coordinating a key exchange. Best of all, this activity is 100% traceable for the facility and the tenant!

  5. Take operations online
    Ready to open the gate for a tenant when you’re sitting at home? Now you can! With a smart entry system, you can remotely manage your self storage facility. We’re talking automatic activity logs, automatic lock checks, automatic overlocks, automatic release from overlock, and so much more!

  6. Integrate your property management software (PMS) with your smart entry system
    This allows your unit statuses to be updated in real-time. If a tenant misses a payment, their unit will automatically overlock. Once that payment is made, the unit will automatically release from overlock. All without you having to travel to the facility to put a yellow or red lock on the door.

  7. Market your smart facility
    There are so many benefits to owning and operating a smart self storage facility, and you should take complete advantage of it. When you start marketing digital key sharing, thermal motion sensors, and wayfinding tools, customers will come running.

  8. Take your video surveillance to the cloud
    By taking your video surveillance to the cloud, you can take advantage of being able to efficiently look up past events. You can receive instant notifications, use two-way audio, and so much more.

    Smart Entry has truly changed the way the self storage industry operates and views site security. It’s created a better experience all around for the customer, owner, and operator – from streamlining operations to implementing tenant wayfinding tools and so much more.

    Want to hear from the customers yourself? Read our customer case studies to see what self storage operators have to say about the Nokē Smart Entry system.

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