External container storage is a growing market segment and a hot topic in the self storage industry. There are many reasons for this, including strong customer demand. Furthermore, external, relocatable storage units are perfect for utilising unused land. They can be installed in areas you wouldn’t traditionally build on, allowing storage companies to maximise lettable space and rental income.

External storage units can be a great addition to an existing storage facility with outdoor space. And if you’re new to self storage, this is a cost-effective solution to test the waters.

We have compiled a list of things to consider to ensure your external units business is a success:

1. Research the local market for suitable sites that fit the criteria of convenience and ease of access. It is also important to survey the competition and assess the demand. If you already have a traditional self storage site, explore whether there is demand for external storage units as well.

2. Check planning permissions in your local area and seek professional advice, if required.

3. Calculate predicted revenue based on the maximum number of storage units you would be able to install. Liaise with an experienced supplier that can advise you on the best design, product and unit mix for the available land.

4. Opt for high-quality, versatile, and relocatable products that will be attractive, durable, and not costly in maintenance to make sure you derive long-term value from your investment. It is essential that the products have sufficient ventilation to prevent condensation. Also, if you have an existing site, external unit doors can be produced in the same brand colours as the rest of the business to ensure a consistent look.

5. Consider environmental sustainability. Whether you’re planning a standalone or add-on external storage site, it is advisable to include recycling points, LED lighting and utilising units made from durable and more eco-friendly coloured steel such as GreenCoat Pural BT.

6. Install the best possible site security and CCTV for peace of mind. Another security factor to consider is sufficient lighting for your site.

7. Draw up a marketing plan that includes a great website with good photography, up-to-date information as well as relevant Search Engine Optimisation to ensure customers find your business. Prominent, professional external signage is also important.


In addition, if you’re an existing container operator interested in updating your shipping containers, we can do that too! The Janus Container Conversion kits enable the installation of our roller doors on containers, with the option to include the game-changing  Nokē Smart Entry system.

For further advice and information about the Janus International range of external storage units and conversion kits, please get in touch on: sales@januseurope.com or +44 (0) 20 8744 9444.

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Seamlessly access your storage unit with your smartphone.