Secur Sylt Expands Storage Facility

(This article is available in German on the Sylter Zeitung website)

Secur Sylt in the Tinnum industrial area on the German island of Sylt is a self storage centre that both private and business customers entrust their “treasures” to. Whether it’s important paperwork, moving goods, the next season’s collection, grandma’s tableware or works of art, a wide variety of items find a temporary home in around 500 storage units.

The service that Secur Managing Director Wolfgang Willam and Account Manager Claudia Jensen offer Secur customers is comprehensive and extremely popular. The 500 storage units, which are spread over 6000 square metres, are well occupied. In fact, Secur Sylt has recently undergone a significant expansion and from the beginning of July, 84 new units will be available to rent.

“People are hearing about our services and demand has grown continuously. After all, we offer more than just storage space,” explains Secur Managing Director Wolfgang Willam. In addition to the cleanliness and the optimally controlled climate of the complex in the Tinnum industrial park, customers value the security features.

A sophisticated monitoring and locking system ensures that unauthorised access to stored items is prevented. This is ensured, among other things, by a direct line to a security service. Fire protection features are also available in the entire building complex and all rooms are monitored with sensors. Stored property is also protected from the effects of the climate as humidity levels are constantly regulated and a sophisticated filter system blocks any harmful particles.

When Secur Sylt expanded, only companies with the appropriate expertise were involved. Janus International Europe, the world’s leading provider of self storage products, managed the construction. Janus specialises in consulting, designing, manufacturing, and installing self storage units around the world. Their range also includes the award-winning Nokē™ Smart Entry System.

Wolfgang Willam and his colleague Claudia Jensen are pleased to be able to offer more space from the beginning of July in order to meet all customer requirements: “We have a tailor-made solution for every storage problem!”

To find out more about the Janus International range of self storage and access control solutions, please get in touch on: or +44 (0) 20 8744 9444.

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