Self Storage Technology that’s Ideal for your Facility’s Security

Security is always a popular topic within self storage and there are many suppliers who provide the basics. Hopefully, you already have the standard security tools in place at your storage facility. But if you’re looking to take it beyond just the bare minimum, or you’re ready to upgrade a few of your basics that are out of date, you’re in the right place.

Learn about the industry’s best options for both entry point and unit security and see a breakdown of high-tech security features like thermal motion sensors and smartphone door locks. We have focused on security, customer and manager convenience, and marketability.

Smart storage units (Our pick: Nokē ONE)

What are smart storage units?

Smart storage units are the latest technology in storage unit locks. Instead of a traditional unit door that is secured by a disc lock or padlock, smart storage units have a smart lock system that is wireless, cloud-based, and managed with a digital key. Smart storage units allow storers entry into their unit using a smartphone or a Bluetooth key fob.

Why you need smart storage units: Smart storage units offer best-in-class security for storage units. As well as securing the unit door, they also monitor interior unit motion and body heat – so you would know immediately if someone was sleeping in their unit or breaking in through the wall.

High-tech features:

  • Bluetooth & proprietary mesh technology
  • LED lights that show lock status (red for armed, green for unarmed)
  • Thermal motion sensors
  • Weatherproof

Benefits for owners: Smart storage units can be remotely locked or unlocked by admins, so managers can ready vacant units for new storers and overlock delinquent units without having to go on-site and remove a yellow or red lock. Smart storage units also give owners a wealth of on-site data for both security monitoring and predictive analytics. All smart storage unit activity is monitored in the app and web portal. Any after-hours access, motion, or thermal heat triggers an instant notification.

Benefits for storers: Storers enjoy both convenience and exceptional security with smart storage units. They can lock and unlock their smart storage unit using their smartphone or key fob, so there are no codes to remember. Storers can also share or revoke access to their unit to others (like movers or family members) using digital key sharing. Also, to access the application there is a biometric login so you can only access the app with Face or Touch ID.

Smart entry access control (Our Pick: Nokē Smart Entry)

What is smart entry?

Smart entry is 100% digital access control at the gate, door, lifts, stairs, office, or main door. Instead of typing in a code on a keypad, smart entry uses Bluetooth technology via a smartphone or Bluetooth key fob. Smart entry systems are wireless, cloud-based, and managed with digital keys.

Why you need smart entry: Smart entry access offers premium security for entry points. Storers do not require to get out of their car at main gates as they can access the facility using a smartphone and there is no requirement to type in any codes. The smart entry system is a lot more than a keypad and provides constant monitoring of entry points.

High-tech features:

  • Bluetooth proprietary mesh technology for no-touch, in-car entry
  • Thermal motion sensors
  • Weatherproof for extreme temperatures and conditions (-34°C to 71°C)
  • Activity tracking via cloud-based app and web portal

Benefits for owners: Owners and managers can access entry points remotely via their smartphone or web portal. Admins can also create customised access groups for 24/7 storers or maintenance. All entry point activity is monitored in the app and web portal. Smart entry access data can also provide owners with information that can help predict move-outs.

Benefits for storers: Sorters get ultra-convenient access with the ability to open the gate without getting out of their car. They don’t have to remember gate or entry codes to get to their unit. Storers can also share or revoke access to others (like movers or family members) by sharing their digital access key.

Remember: Your facility’s security is your best marketing tool. With the right tools, you can deter criminals, win more storers, and increase revenue at your storage facility.

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