Top Tips for Self Storage Digital Marketing

Is your branding on point? Are you happy with the number of new enquiries generated? Slightly confused by Google Ads? Effective external communication is hugely important for all self storage businesses, regardless of whether you’re an established operator or a start-up. Digital marketing, in particular, is an area you need to put time and effort into. Here are some of our top tips:

1. Make it easy for customers to find you (before your competitors).

Both business customers and consumers are using digital devices more than ever to look for services, so you need to ensure that your online search terms and Google Ads are working for you. Getting this right from the beginning will be worth the time, money and effort invested, so utilise either your in-house marketing team or ask a specialist SEO agency for support. Set a monthly budget to stay in control.

It’s important to review and update your SEO settings and Google account regularly to ensure that you understand what key words and ads are generating results and which ones aren’t. This will enable yo to optimise your spend and prevent you from missing out on new enquiries. Furthermore, making sure that your Google My Business account is complete and set up accurately will also improve your ranking.

2. Have an awesome website.

Websites can become dated fairly quickly and it’s key to ensure that your site content is accurate in terms of locations, contact details and opening hours. It’s vital that all pages, the navigation and links work and it goes without saying that your site must be optimised for desktop, tablet as well as mobile use.
Keep refreshing your branding, layout and visuals to ensure that the site looks great too. Strong photos are very appealing and video content can also help bring your business to life for prospective customers.

Customers have high expectations on websites these days so will want to see a site with not only useful information, but also a really user friendly layout and excellent functionality. A slick online booking system can be really advantageous in addition to apps such as the Nokē Smart Entry system that enable tenants to check in to their unit online. Make the experience and process as simple and stress-free as possible for your customers to create a brilliant first impression.

3. Get social.

Social media offers another excellent and cost-effective channel for attracting new and engaging with existing tenants. Test a few different platforms to figure out which ones work for your business. It’s often best to concentrate on a select few platforms rather than spreading yourself too thin.

Use social to enhance your brand, share positive customer reviews, communicate business updates such as new facilities and promote special offers. Again, good visuals are key and video content tends to perform better than just static images. Paid or promoted social ads can deliver excellent results so are also worth trialling.

Good luck!

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